Time and team management

Time is the most precious resource we have at our disposal. It is non-refundable. Once spent, time cannot be returned to us. For this reason, its management in business and professional environments is crucial. Optimal time management is one of the keys to being able to operate efficiently and effectively and thus get the most out of the daily implementation of your activities.

In fact, non-optimized time management can have an extremely negative impact on your professional results. Some examples:

  • productivity collapses;
  • costs increase;
  • your team may have to work overtime not included in the initial budget;
  • In the worst cases, projects are not completed on schedule, resulting in loss of clients, earnings, and possible internal team conflicts.

How to organize work effectively?

The first step to take to better manage and organize your work in accordance with the specifics of your business is planning.
Every stage of one’s business cannot go without being planned before being implemented.
It is necessary to organize one’s overall strategy in advance, to establish one’s goals, key business processes, and then to organize the team, the actual work of each individual staff member in such a way that valuable resources are not wasted on unnecessary activities that steal precious time from achieving the overall set result.

Let’s get things in order:

  • establish your short- and long-term goals;
  • set priorities;
  • optimize your available resources;
  • establish a realistic amount of work for each goal (on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis, depending on your needs);
  • set the terms of your personal schedule, for example (a.k.a? OSEA XD) how much time you will need to devote to each of your tasks in order to be able to meet the overall strategy you have designed;
  • set the shifts of your employees or contractors in accordance with your goals, resources and personal needs. The more optimized and ordered your shifts are, the more motivated those who work for you will feel to perform their tasks and complete their daily tasks while meeting deadlines.
  • Establish a schedule of meetings (in-person and online) that are truly necessary and that resolve issues that otherwise cannot be solved. Remember: sometimes all it takes to solve a problem is an email!

It is also important to continually update the work schedule in accordance with new needs that may arise during the implementation of a project. The “to do list” of tasks and subtasks should always be updated in accordance with the expected workload. Don’t forget that each team member must always be kept fully informed in order to work with peace of mind.

How to optimize the working time of your work team?

Break down company roles properly. Allocate responsibilities in accordance with your employees’ skills and attitudes. Listen to their suggestions, analyze, communicate clearly and foster proactive attitudes.
Use your leadership to put the people who work with and for you in the best position to be humanly available to work for their professional growth and that (the growth?) of your company.

How do you optimize your company’s overall time management?

Establishing strategy, roles, business goals, and the line of communication in turn requires organization and, therefore, again, takes time. All these activities also add up to the concrete day-to-day management of all those economic-financial processes (an example? Business cash flow analysis) that enable your company not only to survive, but to grow.
To be able to manage the time of the work, of the team, of the multitude of business processes that are implemented by every company on a daily basis there is only one way to go: automate the analysis by means of software such as Dashero that allows you to have a total, up-to-date real-time view of your business. A clear view of:

  • projects
  • cash flow
  • assets
  • resources
  • employees and collaborators.

Automate time and team management optimally with Dashero

Dashero is an extremely effective solution to your company’s time management optimization problem. In fact, Dashero allows you to monitor and analyze all your company’s resources, processes, and assets in a single dashboard, breaking down all those problems that poor corporate time management can bring to your business.
With Dashero you don’t have to rely on offline tools or the use of a variety of electronic spreadsheets: you have everything at your fingertips, in a single platform. With Dashero, you can be in total control of your company’s time, saving you valuable time so you can focus on designing short- and long-term growth strategies based on tangible, measurable and always-up-to-date, real-time data. In short, with Dashero you optimize time and team management and maximize the efficiency of your business.


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