Nordigen is partner of Dashero, to manage multiple bank accounts in a single dashboard

At Dashero, we are proud to announce our partnership with Nordigen, an open banking platform that connects via API to more than 2100 banks worldwide. As our CEO Adriano De Arcangelis states, “the collaboration with Nordigen brings us closer to the creation of a fully automated tool that truly improves the business processes of the digital entrepreneur”.

Nordigen, an open-banking platform connected to more than 2100 banks

Nordigen is an open banking platform connected, via API, to more than two thousand banks in 31 European countries, including Italy and Spain. By gaining access to different account data, payment history, and transactions, in Dashero we are able to aggregate data on a single dashboard. Now we can provide our customers with a clear and complete view of all accounts and payment systems.

The partnership with Nordigen has further enhanced our platform. Most importantly, it has further simplified the experience for our users by removing manual data entry. It allows them to link their bank accounts directly to the dashboard.

This makes the process faster and more efficient. In fact, it is possible to have a clear, in-depth, and complete view of one’s financial information in real-time. In addition, Nordigen’s open banking API is fully PSD2 compliant. This means that our users’ data is always safe and secure.

What Nordigen CEO says about Dashero

Here’s what Roland Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen, says about us:

“Dashero has created a fantastic solution for busy entrepreneurs to help them monitor and stay on top of their projects and cashflow. PSD2 was created to provide seamless access to open banking data. We’re delighted that our open banking solution helps Dashero offer an effective solution for management and business growth.”

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Embrace the Take Control philosophy

Connect your banks easily and securely, and clearly visualize your company’s financial situation.

Real-time updates, an intuitive dashboard, and customization are just some of Dashero’s most important features. With the Cash flow Dashboard of the Digital Entrepreneur, you can monitor all your assets and projects in a single panel and with just one click.

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