Dashero, the Cashflow Dashboard of the Digital Entrepreneur

Dashero is the platform created with the aim of helping digital entrepreneurs manage their assets and monitor the cash flow of projects in a single Dashboard. So, thanks to API integrations, you can monitor the progress of each of your digital assets so that you can make decisions supported by real data and always just a click away.

Dashero is your compass to always go in the right direction, at maximum speed!

Manage and analyze all your assets in a single Dashboard

Having a clear view of the progress of your business is essential for making decisions. But manually aggregating all the data takes a lot of time, which you might spend developing scaling strategies instead. In addition, this is a competitive advantage that can make a difference with your competitors.

With Dashero, by connecting every expense and every income to your projects you can finally have a clear vision of every activity of your company. Even if you have multiple companies!

Discover all the features of Dashero

Dashero allows you to manage all your assets in one place, thus saving time in analyzing your projects. Cashflow, banks, cryptocurrencies, campaigns, domains, properties, customers, suppliers… Everything will be just a click away! Let’s find out some of the features.

  • Cash flow Dashboard

Managing and monitoring the cash flow of every single project in a single panel is finally possible. The Cash Flow Dashboard allows you to monitor in real-time the progress of all your projects, digital and otherwise, and above all to make decisions supported by real data regarding assets allocation.

  • Crypto Asset function

If you also own cryptocurrencies, you will most likely have distributed your assets across multiple wallets or exchanges. But how long does it take you a day to monitor the fluctuations of your cryptocurrencies on each wallet or exchange? With the Crypto function, you can finally keep the value of your crypto portfolio under control and monitor your earnings so that you can make the best investment decisions.

  • Adv campaigns function

If you are a digital marketer, you will surely launch many advertising campaigns with Google Ads or Facebook Ads, perhaps working with an affiliate network. But how many times has it happened to you that traffic sources returned you an incorrect number of conversions compared to those approved? By connecting directly to the affiliate network via API, Dashero gives you the real number of conversions and the real cost per conversion, comparing the data of your traffic source with those of the affiliate network.

  • Digital and non-digital assets

From domains to properties, from vehicles to companies, with a glance, you can monitor the progress of all your projects and assets in real-time. Not only digital assets, therefore, but also offline projects such as properties, vehicles, companies, etc. Furthermore, Dashero is constantly evolving. Lots of new features are ready to be implemented.

Stop wasting time! Here are all the advantages of Dashero

Stop wasting time opening pages and pages to get an overview of all your digital assets. Dashero allows you to save time and money, thanks to a clear view of the progress of your companies and projects… All just a click away! Here are all the benefits.

  • Control and monitoring

Monitor all data related to your projects, domains, Adv campaigns, cryptocurrencies, properties, vehicles, and collaborators. You can keep everything under control.

  • Efficient work

The Cash Flow Dashboard of the Digital Entrepreneur makes your life easier and makes your work even more efficient. Dashero has a pleasant and intuitive interface that will allow you to enhance the productivity of your work at the highest levels!

  • Solving complex problems

Having control over your data can help identify inefficiencies and problem areas to determine where mistakes have been made and how to improve in the future.

  • Business process improvement

Data analysis provides a better understanding of your company’s processes. In fact, with a more accurate view, you can make the necessary improvements, reducing inefficiencies and waste where possible.

  • Best marketing and sales strategies

The data provides the evidence needed to demonstrate which part of the strategy has failed in the past and how it can be adapted to reach more people in the future.

Embrace the TAKE CONTROL philosophy

Taking control of your business by being able to consciously manage Big Data allows you to make informed decisions and gain an important competitive advantage. Then can you finally start developing the best strategy to scale your business.



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