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Dashero’s solutions for personal and company cash flow management

Whether you are a freelance, a digital entrepreneur with multiple projects and collaborators, or a business owner, Dashero is the ideal software for all those who want to monitor corporate and/or personal cash flow because it adapts to your business. In fact, we have created different plans, each of which was designed specifically for the different stages of growth of the business of a digital entrepreneur. From Personal to Business, up to the Hero plan, you can finally have your cash flow management tool by activating the plan that best suits the size of your business.

Free, Personal, Business, Hero: discover all Dashero plans

Dashero is the tool that allows you to have a clear and complete view of the progress of your business. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can finally see the data and cash flow of your projects in a single dashboard. So everything is under control and just a click away: projects, domains, advertising campaigns, cryptocurrencies, properties, collaborators, and even vehicles!

Best of all, Dashero is the cash flow management solution that fits your business. Whether you run a company or you are a digital entrepreneur, whether you have just started in the digital world or you are already managing several projects, at Dashero we have thought of you. In fact, you can activate your cash flow dashboard using one of the 4 plans designed for the different stages of business development: Free, Personal, Business, Hero.

Start discovering the features of Dashero with the Free plan

Our goal is to spread the TAKE CONTROL philosophy, take control of your business and start scaling. In fact, having a complete and one-click overview of the progress of your projects allows you to revolutionize your business.

For this reason, we have decided to offer everyone the opportunity to start using Dashero through the Free plan. By activating your dashboard for free, you can immediately start monitoring:

● 1 Profile (personal and/or company)
● 1 Project
● 5 Domains
● 10 Cryptocurrencies
● 50 Registries

The Personal plan: to start taking control of your business

Once your projects are launched, you must continuously analyze and optimize. In fact, having control over the data can help you identify any waste or inefficiencies and act immediately. With Dashero, you have the advantage of having everything in front of your eyes and in one place. No more waste of time and money.

The Personal plan was designed for all digital entrepreneurs who want to take control of their business and their investments to finally start scaling. By activating the Dashero Personal plan you will be able to monitor:

● 2 Profiles (personal and/or business)
● 10 Projects
● 25 Domains
● ∞ Cryptocurrencies
● 1000 Registries
● 3 Collaborators
● 5 Ads Account
● 1 Property
● 1 Vehicle

The Business plan: to manage the cash flow of different projects in a smart and efficient way

Dashero makes cash flow management easier. It is also possible to see the reports available on external platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and affiliate networks, in a single dashboard. In addition, you can register on the platform the contacts of suppliers, banks, access credentials… You will have everything at hand and in real-time!

For this reason, the Business plan was designed to make it easier to monitor data and find all the information a digital entrepreneur needs to evaluate the progress of each project. With a few clicks, you can therefore have full control over:

● 3 Profiles (personal and/or business)
● 25 Projects
● 100 Domains
● ∞ Crypto
● ∞ Registries
● 10 Collaborators
● 15 Ads Account
● 5 Properties
● 3 Vehicles

The Hero plan: for a complete overview of your businesses and increase profitability

Managing and analyzing the numbers of your business in a smart and efficient way is essential. It becomes even more important when you have multiple projects to manage at the same time. By monitoring the numbers of your business and investments you will have all the data that will help you evaluate how to move capital and what actions to take.

The Hero plan allows you to have full access to the platform. As a result, in a single dashboard, you can have a complete overview of the progress of all your projects and assets without any limits!

● ∞ Profiles (personal and/or business)
● ∞ Projects
● ∞ Domains
● ∞ Crypto
● ∞ Registries
● ∞ Collaborators
● ∞ Ads Account
● ∞ Properties
● ∞ Vehicles

Furthermore, only those who activate the Hero plan will be able to access our Ambassador program. You will have the opportunity to spread the culture of Take Control, with a truly advantageous commission plan.

Push the accelerator to your business, change mindset with Dashero

In conclusion, being able to monitor all the cash flow of your projects, companies and assets in a single panel allows you to save time. You can finally have a clear vision in order to develop the best scaling strategy for your business.

Free, Personal, Business or Hero: choose the plan that best suits your business and activate your cash flow dashboard. We accept credit/debit cards and also cryptocurrency payments.

Dashero is the revolutionary tool that will allow you to finally take control of your business.


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